Susie Coley

I shall not die, but Live, and declare the works of the Lord….!!

The shot

on December 16, 2011

When the time finally came for me to go back to be prepped, I was ready to get it and get out, things to do. As usual the nurses were talkative, and for the most part friendly. As I laid on the table, letting the nurses set me up, put pillows under me, adjust my iv, it was col in the room, colder than usual, I was shaky, and nervous, I usually wasnt, maybe I knew something was wrong, even though I could not see that something was wrong with my normal eyes. I was still nervous when the doctor  came in did his thing and left. As usual he was not a talker and was in and out, another person to infect, He bounced from one op room to another, back and forth, A to B,,, but come to find out, only those who had went to room B that day and for a day before and after that was infected.  When I was sent back to rest a minute, I knew something was wrong, but I tried to ignore it, maybe it was just that I was tired, maybe I had over done, and aggravated my underlying problem, Degenerative Disease was all over my lower back. I had already had a cervical fusion done on my neck the summer before, and would have to have another done on the neck in a year or so.  But the nagging feeling wouldnt go away. I had been given numbing medicine, so it would be 3 hours before the pain began, the pain that would stay with me till this day, the pain that lives in my skin with me, day in and day out, never letting up, not even for the fentynal patches I wear daily to fight it, remembering what it is like when I dont have the patch. Wishing I could get a Demerol shot every once in a while, just to be able to relax for a few minutes without pain. but, that is now, back to the beginning,,, the beginning that never ended.


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