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insert a nugget of the present

on December 21, 2011

today is the attempt the 20th day of December 2011,


Tomorrow we will be taking the camper on heading West to Pensacola to see an infectious disease doctor, the purpose of this visit is to find out for sure if I still have this in my tissues my bones my skin I have things that are going on that need to be checked. I dread this but I look forward to it to because I know it’ll give me an answer one way or another, they guess not knowing is the worst part of any kind of sickness, my legs were enormously, especially the left leg and ankle and foot, the large abscess that was centered on the shed of my left leg did a considerable amount of damage to it.


The doctors while I was still in flowers Hospital on one of the many poke me stick me things that they did all was they had to take me and Lance this huge abscess that I had all sticking out on top of my leg it took three drain holes and and also on the ankle there were several more accesses that were there were all very dark brown in color and the day you would bubble up sometimes I height of an inch and a half to 2 inches. It took weeks for these abscesses to go down naturally they left a horribly ugly brown spot three and four  of them on each ankle. The pain from these spots have never gone away just as the pain in my legs and my feet and my hips and my back, arms and my shoulders have never gone way. I am really afraid of what I might hear put him on the latest scare me because I know God is in control. I know that his will will be done, and not my own because I have given up my right in order for God’s will to work in my life. I pray that he goes with me Thursday, and I would know what to do with myself going over there if I didn’t have Robert, he is my backbone, he is my perfect partner, the love of my life, the best Christmas present I could ever get. I depend on him to be with me to go with me, I try to help him in anything that he needs to have done and he tries to help me and all my things.


I really don’t know what to expect when I get there, will they start doing tests on me right away, or is this simply preliminary.


One response to “insert a nugget of the present

  1. Missy White says:

    Be careful on the journey and I pray that someone will have some answers to all the questions. It’s hard not knowing but keep the faith and stay strong. Love you both!!

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