Susie Coley

I shall not die, but Live, and declare the works of the Lord….!!

Update on “Nugget of the present”

on December 25, 2011

Well, ha my appointment with the new doctor and am very impressed, I pray that God has led us to the right place. I was questioned to the inth degree, and felt like he was really interested in what had happened, He checked me, even my hands and feet closely,they checked my bp, which was disturbingly low, and a fever that was disturbingly high.  I guess he spent at least one solid hour with us, talking and asking questions, and telling us anything we wanted to know. He took a swab, and sent me to the lab for blood test/cultures. Have to be back in three weeks if we are not called back sooner. I liked the office, the hospital, and felt very relieved when we left,  I know it maybe rough for the next couple of months, especially if I get the Vacntimyacin throw ed back at me,. It is a case where the cure is almost worse than the sickness, only in this case, the sickness is worse, but this stuff is TERRIBLE.  I know when I was in the hosp. that they was popping it to me hot and heavy because I was so sick, but all my hair fell out, the skin on my hands and feet rolled up and fell off, repeatedly, not just once to twice but 4-5 times.  I had thrash all the way to my stomach and could not eat at all. I had to swish some stuff, swish again and then spray stuff, just to numb my mouth and throat enough to sip an Ensure shake, Ice water was good, but it is not known for helping you keep needed weight on to help you get well.

Back to the present, we are working on the camper and working toward the return trip, This may sound really odd, but as sick as I have been, and know I will have this untill God heals me when He gets ready, whenever that may be, tomorrow, or years of tomorrows, its ok with me, I trust God to know what is best for me, and that He has a reason for this, which although I dont know, I trust Him. He has brought me threw to much for me worry now.I trust God with my soul, my body, my lively hood,(which has just been blessed)and my future, which is my home in heaven. I will try to help anyone along the way that I can , God knows this, and has let me help several in different ways. I will talk to anyone who needs a shoulder, or is sick, and needs answers maybe I can help, I would be happy to be able to help others. I was helped in so many ways thru my life, and it is nice to be able to give back some.

Well Good night Blog,

more tomorrow when I am rested, and will catch you up on some local happenings over the holidays,

May God bless you and Keep you

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