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I shall not die, but Live, and declare the works of the Lord….!!

the hounds of hell (December 18, 2008)

on December 30, 2011

the hounds of hell have been called off and God in his awesome glory has said” it is enough”.

I can almost see it in my mind I satan so set and ready to finish me off physically financially and emotionally which in his hopes will destroy our spirituality.

He wanted this take down so bad, the hounds he had ready they were hungry for flesh and death, pulled and bit at each other in their eagerness, Satan dressed in black:reigns in hand, waiting for the right time, the right strike that would wipe us out. Oh he has some free reign ,brought sickness, almost almost unto  death, terrible screaming pain, friends fear to come, she is contagious ,still left me alone with my thoughts day and night

. Some nights a peaceful talk with God about a whole manner of things ,sometimes sleep quiet sleep, but others, stabbing pain ceaseless I often seem to hear a sinister laugh as I  lay in torture often too,  I heard that laugh as I lay helpless, often to when I came home almost like telling me you can run but you cannot hide, but God never allowed it to get too far, but God, is protecting Angels walk my rooms and halls and stood guard . the Angels that came into my room dressed as nurses often felt God’s presence close by . I lay and and thought in my heart that the battle was still going on.. over my heart my soul and body often times when  I talked with God about the whole manner of things and it was refreshing to having you revelation drop into my heart as an answer to question.

But underneath the hounds still growled and  drooled scratching and clawing, anxious to finish the job, the destruction of me. Even as I slowly got some better I did hear them snapping at my heels now as a new torment began the wait for Social Security. The wondering, tho having faith that God would come through but when, the groceries for getting few, medicine was much expensive. And each time one of these would arise the laugh or growled letting me know that he was not far behind.

We would get calls wanting money, and the laugh would come. But I would just let them know why it had not and soon it would, and faith would rise up I know my God cannot let this go on any longer. Again it went longer still waiting the strains on our physical bodies was telling, his heart, my heart, my fatigue sleeplessness his sleeplessness. Knowing also that imps and such walk house at times and had to be shooed from the bed like a pet cat.

But the name of Jesus quieted, it all and faith rose once again knowing that God is with us and that Satan can only go so far just so far, and not a step more.

Not even a growl could be heard when Jesus came and, all peace and love and  the weights that we had carried were gone,.

But from the months of my tired physical body, had  problems of its own. Robert worry about bills and social security, when, when, they can’t turn you down, so, when, every day the hope of the call, everyday disappointment shored up by the hope of tomorrow.

Then it finally came, on an unusual day, worried and tired the phone writing the hounds have been called off God has spoken once again

Enough is enough.


One response to “the hounds of hell (December 18, 2008)

  1. susiecoley says:

    This was written one night as I lay, once again , in to much pain to sleep,I have many such writtings that will be added to the blog as time goes and I find them and get them going, Thank you for reading me, I hope it blesses your soul
    Susie Coley

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