Susie Coley

I shall not die, but Live, and declare the works of the Lord….!!

The new doctor,,,,,,,

on March 2, 2012

I finally found a doctor that will help me, sort of….. Dr. Jay Erickson in Pensacola Fl. checked me over good and said that I can have surgery, if I was treated with the vile Vaynctimyicin. Before and after, how terrible, lets Pray I dont have to have surgery anymore!!!

Anyway, I have been down with the crud, that turned into a stomach something, nausea, diarrhea, the whole bit and I am not getting better, so will probably go to er in Dothan today to see what is going on. hate to, I would rather be in Jackson close to Dr Akerson. But Robert doesn’t trust them aor me either for that matter.Wll, pray I can get back on this book, and get it down, Oh I fonally found another person that was injected with staph. almost killed him too!!!

more later



One response to “The new doctor,,,,,,,

  1. Betty Cutchins-Sexton says:

    Susie, there is a product on the market at the health food stores called COLLOIDAL SILVER.
    This particular brand has 5 – 7 patents has been proven to CURE aids, staph, mrsa,, etc. I take it everyday to ward off any kind of infections or disease around me. Also gets rid of colds quickly. The brand name is: SILVER BIOTICS. It does not have to be that particular brand name, but, must be processed using the “SilverSol technology”. Look up American Biotech Labs. Listen to Dr. Pedderson talk about the wonders of this product.
    Pray you are well soon. Love sister Betty

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