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I shall not die, but Live, and declare the works of the Lord….!!


you know, I have been miserably amiss in my blog. and yes, I have been duelly whipped and chastised for it, but,,, this latest chastisment I think, takes the cake. I am sick, something in my chest, I cant stop coughing, my ribs hurt all the way from my collar bone is my waist line,

Hoever, my pain and discomfort is not what this missive is about, it is about obedience… Being obedient to what God wants you to do, this ranges from calling a friend that you havent talked to in awhile, to standing up in church  and preaching the gospel. you dont have to be a big name evangelist on tv to be of use to God, in fact, if you will look at the numbers of True evangelist that are on tv, and search out their lives and make sure that they are true to what they preach, you will find that there are only one or two, three at most that do that. They are called to this work, they have been taught and brought to this by God, What will God ask you to do?,

One of the first things God asked me to do was pray for a person , a little younger than me, at church. I was afraid, because I was not sure what this meant, I met her in the kitchen, and told her I wanted to pray for her, she said ok, I began to pray, and with in seconf=ds, she was slipping from my fingers to the ground, she stayed under the power of the Ho;y Ghost for about 15 minutes before I saw her return to the congregation. The next item was less than a week later, Our evangelist that was running our revival was East Indian, he had his wife Susan, daughter Sanilla, and Son with them, Susan had been praying about the son going back to India, and God told her I would tell them from a dream. Scared the whatever out of me, these are people that have lived this life for years, and I was less that a newby!!! but none the less a day or so later, I went to her and said I saw her sons face over the ocean. that was her sign.  She knew then what God wanted her to do…. awhile after that, I was in church during the same revival, and felt that I was to tell the evangelist something from God, this I fought, telling God that surely there was someone one else in here that was more better than me to tell this man this bit of information… and boy what a tidbit it was, I would have not went to a good friend and told them this about their family, much less a huge Indian that was certianlly closer to God than me, But I finally got the nerve and went to him, I told him I had something to say from God, I shuffled my feet, and mumbled until he began to get irritated with me, I looked at him, and spoke the words God had give me, and a shocked look came upon his face, it was what he had been praying about, little did he know I would  be the one to bring the word. , I said all that to say this,  God wants to use you, whoever is reading this, you have a message to give someone, a gift of life and everlasting love . Do not be disobeiant to this, simply do what God wants, it is scary, and the only way I can get thru it is to tell God to use me, and do it before my mind cvan stop my body, this has worked time and again.    try it, you might like it!!!!!

God Bless,

More on the ongoing saga of the deadly shot later..


God Bless

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