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I shall not die, but Live, and declare the works of the Lord….!!

open eyes = open heart

I just finished a book by Audra Grace Shelby, about her life as a missionary to Yemen, it spoke of how she learned their language, and their daily lives, and began to really see the life that these women lived behind the veils that they wore, they were covered head to foot in dark clothing, and not able to look a man in the face, save her family, she would not be able to read, and depended on other to chant to her the words of the Koran (Quaran), but behind the veils and out of sight of the men, and the public, their clothing,actions,and lives told the story that they were not clean inside. But to them, in the Islamic law, as long as they remained pious on the outside, and did the 5 daily prayers, and knew the Koran by heart, they would see paradise. Audra faced a daunting task set before her, to tell these women about God, women that did not want to hear, did not believe, and did not want to believe as she did, But somehow she was to tell them about her God, His love, and that He cleansed from the inside out, and that Jesus was the key to heaven, not good works, or how many prayers you repeated in a day,week, or month…….as I read this on my Kindle, driving back from Tn this morning. I felt so close to Audra,I had always wanted to be a missionary, to go somewhere and tell people about God,and help make thier lives better, I suppose now that I am middle aged, and disabled from staph,(same as Kevin,sort of)I cant see God using me for much, other than to sit here and pour out my heart felt wishes that I could do something for God, when I feel like I am doing nothing……but my heart was and always will be as a missionary , somewhere, helping  someone,,,,,, but I know than God knows my heart and hears my silent prayers to help someone, I would have loved learning the language, and get to be in the loop of friends, as Audra did, I would have loved to have a friend  as she did.

But that is her life not mine, and mine might not ever be as I woant it to be, I always wanted to learn another language, and may sometime soon, (when I can afford the Rosetta Stone for Spanish & some  other language, that I as yet, do not know, I have the urge to learn this, maybe it is just for my benefit, , maybe I will never know, really, unless the 300$ or so shows , above and over what our bills are, so I can buy the programs……….

 But, one thing is for certain, God knows my heart, he knows I would be willing, he knows I would do my best for him, whether it is doing something like missionary,or just being me, and doing the weekly bulletin for our church , and keeping a photo log of our progress on the new church and birthday etc celebrations.

God knows that whatever He wants me to do, I will try to do my best always for Him,,,,,,and He will take my little bit that I can do and multiply it as He sees fit, and it be as He wants it to be,you know, we see plenty of stories about people doing all sorts of things for God that are known things, on tv and such, singing, or preaching far away, or living in Yemen.  But their are also people like me, who do the little things like make a bulletin for the church, take photos, bring food for sunday brunch….. and I pray for the workers in the field , I pray for protection for harm, provision for food, all manner of things that might pop into my head during the day….. and I am so glad tha God has entrusted me with this gift, the gift to want to help others, in whatever way He sees fit to put me in,,,,,,,,AINT THAT GREAT??????

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