Susie Coley

I shall not die, but Live, and declare the works of the Lord….!!

The day I died……

you would never think a routine trip to the doctor , for a routine shot, for a routine problem, would almost end a life, but, it did, 

When I left for work that morning I felt pretty good, I had no idea what the end of the day would hold for me, I was in a good mood, , felt pretty good , and was looking forward to a camping trip to a local State park for the weekend with my husband and mother in law was planned. we would leave when I got home today, after my Dr appt in Tallahassee. My husband Robert had picked up our new/used camper the day before and we had it all tricked out for a weekend of fishing and cooking out. It was a little bigger than I wanted, but he was happy and therefore, I was happy, there was plenty of room for Ma and the cat, ever present Otis, a rescue from Partners for pets in town. and so it was set, I knew the day at work would be busy it always was, but I loved the job that God had provided, (that is another miracle story!). I loved computers and I got to play on one all day, as well as deal with vendors, and others all day which I loved. We had a great work crew, and usually had a good day, I was to leave today at 3 pm, to get to Tally in time for my shots, then home again to head to the park, Being the beginning of March it was beginning to have long days, and fairly warm,and I was excited about what the weekend would hold.

On the way in that morning, I said my usual prayers, I would pray for anybody or anything God set in my mind, just to make Jesus happy with me was my ever present goal, still is, as far as that stands. I prayed, and sang all the way to work, and , as usual was the first on in. I planned it that way, I liked coming in, turning the lights on and computers, getting coffee going, and maybe having time to eat a biscuit as I set the computers up for the day, then came Ms Janet, then Jeanette,. as the storekeepers trailed in one at a time, breezing thru the back office to check their mail boxes, and orders for the day, everyone talking about weekend plans, etc, one by one, everyone in the building would make his or her way thru our office, , soon, we settled down for the day, entering data was my big first job, and I sat down and began the process, telling Janet and Jeanette about the camper, and how Otis had wandered around and eventually wound up stretched out on the queen bed, clearly a sign of approval to the new home. I didn’t know then that the next time I would see the inside of that camper would be 3 months later, and I would be hooked up to a picc line in my arm that sent the most vile antibiotic in my veins to try and kill an even viler staph/mrsa infection, I would be sick, weak, tired and totally unprepared for the way my life had turned out to be.. I could only trust God, and try to live day to day.


2 responses to “The day I died……

  1. Betty Cutchins-Sexton says:

    I am following this Susie. Love sister,, Betty Sexton

  2. Missy White says:

    I’m so proud of what you’ve started. Keep it going for God deserves all the Glory!! He is an awesome God and our healer. The world needs to know what He has done for you. God has a plan and there is a reason He didn’t take you home that day. I love you and you are special to me. Keep up the good work.

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